3 months brand new, Logan – texarkana newborn photographer

Ok, so technically this little guy isn’t a newborn…but he was so tiny and sleepy that I was able to do a few newborn poses with him. And the hot August heat helped keep him nice and sleepy too. I met this couple and their son at her parents house in Arkansas. Wow! It was like a resort! Two ponds, an awesome spot for entertaining, lots of grass, trees and flowers! It was a paradise for me as a photographer…too bad it was so hot which caused me to work quickly. So, is the picture of Dad holding Logan not the sweetest thing ever?!?! I love seeing guys turn into mush when interacting with their babies!! (Looking back, I wish I would have tucked Logan’s arms up underneath him, but nonetheless…still a sweet sweet picture!) And Mom of course couldn’t get enough kisses and snuggles in. Thank you for allowing me to photograph your family! (I delayed posting this session due to leaving for vacation a day after it took place!…sorry for the wait!!)